Betray Your Own

by Betray Your Own

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released September 10, 2009

Produced By Chris Kelly at Sacred Heart Studios
Mastered By Jamie King
All Music Written By Betray Your Own



all rights reserved


Betray Your Own Fayetteville, North Carolina

Started in 2007 in Raleigh NC with lots of writing and practicing, playing a handful of shows. Eventually the band relocated to Fayetteville NC because of the many line up changes playing as many shows as possible. In fall 2009 BYO finished their first self titled EP, Following that we continues to write/play countless numbers of local and national artist shows.. Getting ready for the next step! ... more

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Track Name: Give Your Rifle A Girls Name
On these hot sands of death, being on his last breath, holding his one good friend on foreign lands. But promised a big check, these choices they'll regret, poor boy just 18 years old, one down and one more to go.
We fall in line for what its worth.
Fight for your bush your country, just want that check i'd die for money. The selfishness of power the poor man learns all about it, his ticket out, this is the ending, theres no more turning back now, stuck out there on the frontline, theres no turning back now
stuck out there on the front
This is the ending
For what its worth
Fight for your bush your country, just want that check, i'd die for money
We fall
In line
Track Name: Autumn Trace
Your in a place where i ant see you
Way up north and I'm still here
Remember my senior year together but
its been four years. My favorite of
the day is when I sat with you Ali You
made it worth all the wait. Now I can't
see your face
Ive messed up my chance and I can't take
it back. Its been to many years I miss what we had. Paint me a picture of what this is
How's your like now do you think of us Paint
me a picture what this is. Hows your life
Now do you think of usI wish I had a chance
and be together at last Even after all these
years I wish to take you back I wish I had a
chance to be together at last Even after all
these years I wish to take you back Im on my
way together once again
Track Name: Reap The Benefits
Being in this place one day my day will come
Reaping the benefits, to all the people that me love friends forever my other brothers.
Friends and family are what life's about
With support these people have got your back its when things are starting to get right, open your eyes and see the light from fans to friends to family
With goals and dreams and positivity
Find your path, be prepared for what's next
There's far better things in life you can hope for understanding what can make you happy
Next day solutions reaping all the benefits
Reaping all...the benefits being in this place one day my day will come
To all the people that showed me love
This goes out to you
Friends forever my other brothers
Break down!
Track Name: Learn To Take A Punch
The bell rings throw down, tap out I'm about to take you to the mat we won't make the second round. Knockout. Face to face I've trained enough I may take your place the champion is me the heavyweight I dominate the cage. Who's next in my way who's next in my way. In my way. Adrenaline who will win grappling take him down in the clinch to the ribs on the fence for the win. Bring it. Bring it on I want to fight bring it on I want to fight.